My Andreson,Boon For Me!

August 08, 2016 Professionalism admin Less than a minute

Sometime,when i get online on social sites like Instagram,Facebook after getting time from my job.I was chat with my some cute and nice friends.When my few friends asked me about there tourism plan for future or past.I always asked them so many different questions.Like why you will be go there,what is special on that particular…

Meaning of Bill!!

August 08, 2016 kids admin 1 minute

I was 6 year old.I was visited in a hotel with my mom.After eating so many different things like snacks,drinks,cold drinks etc.My mother get a bill with the help of a waiter.The waiter put that bill in a well designed dairy including Vat.First i saw the whole process of billing from starting point to end.After…

I Love My Childhood!

August 08, 2016 Student Life admin Less than a minute

Nowadays we are 26 both.Sometimes i miss my childhood days  when we were thought about it.When we were talking about our old days we always talked about classmates.While sitting in a garden after job.There we found a lots of kids around us.When they were playing,they look so cute.When we saw them that time we get silent…

You’re Alive!

August 08, 2016 Future Heroes admin Less than a minute

If You’re carrying your restlessness in your heart You are alive If you’re carrying the lighting of dreams in your eyes You are alive Like a gust of wind,learn to live free Learn to flow like the waves that make a Sea Let your arms be wide open ,to every moment you meet May every…

Amigos Wigos

August 08, 2016 Future Heroes admin Less than a minute

The moment flows by like molten sapphire Deep blue silences No earth below,no sky above The rustling branches and leaves Are saying only you are here only me My breath and my heartbeat Such depth,such solitude And Me,Only Me I now Believe I exist……….  

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